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Not everyone should have a Medical License



As listed in our Privacy Policy each story is listed whether its based on Fact or Opinion or (both) – This story will be based on a bit of both.

This story is about my Family Doctor which works in the building in 260 Dalhousie St. For Privacy Purpose I will not name my doctor’s name or the location in the building they work in.

I have had this doctor since I was a kid. From what I can remember he used to be good but lately he has changed. In my opinion I think he should retire.

Someone in my family requested to get a CT Scan but I was told that he told by my Family member that he refused saying “that he did not feel it was necessary & it would be a waste of Tax Payers dollars” – Later that Family member was seen by a specialist and the specialist sent her for an MRI and saw that there was something.

I’m not saying that this could have been avoided if the doctor had agreed to the CT Scan but he should not have refused.

For myself – I have had this nerve pain on the side and I have asked him to send me for some X-rays to make sure its nothing severe but he will not, He keeps saying there is nothing wrong, he just feels where it hurts. When I was in the hospital after my surgery, I told the doctors and I at least got some medication.

I don’t like his secretary either, she is rude, she brings her emotions to work and complains about everything. I have asked my doctor to have her replaced but he refuses. He says that its hard to find to find a good secretary and how he will be retiring soon.

In my Opinion, he should retire now. My wife and I are anxious to find a new Family doctor. Good doctors are hard to come by. There is a great Walk-in Clinic attached to the building of 160 Chapel. I go there whenever I can.

Westin Harbour Castle – Toronto Hotel

In December 2015, as part of my birthday gift my wife Mary rented us a Hotel room at the Westin Harbour Castle in Toronto for a few nights. As soon as we walked in, my eyes lit up.

It was magnificent. So luxurious. Everything about this Hotel was just awesome. King Beds, Awesome Foods. Great Location. Our Rating of this location is (Five Star) We Definitely recommend this Hotel to anyone.

Days Inn – Downtown Hamilton

In January 2015, my wife & I went down to Hamilton to see some friends of ours who were playing in the area so we booked a room at the Days Inn in advance for our stay while in Hamilton.

Because my wife uses crutches when I booked the room, my wife uses a shower chair when showering. When booking the room they assured me that a Shower Chair would be available for our room.

When we checked into the Hotel and arrived in our room there was no Shower Chair in site. I went to down to talk to the front desk. The front desk clerk said that they only had 1 Shower Chair in the whole Hotel and it was currently “being used”.

I told the front desk clerk that when I originally booked the room that we were promised a Shower Chair for our room for my wife so I told her that I did not care what she had to do but that I wanted this matter to be settled. She said that she would contact the manager.

When I came back down a few minutes later, the front desk clerk told me that she had spoken with the manager of the hotel and that there was no way that we would be getting a Shower Chair. I told her to call him back because I wanted to speak with him. The clerk called the manager back. When I spoke with him, he told me that it was not his problem, he was rude. I told him that I would be advising writing a bad review and advising people about the poor quality of this Hotel.

By looking at their Days Inn Hamilton Review Page there is lots of Negative Feedback.

DOUBLE THUMBS DOWN for this one. Unless you want to waste your money, don’t go there.

Trip Central – St Laurent Centre

This Story is divided into two parts

For our Honeymoon my wife Mary & I went to Europe via a Cruise Ship Vision of the Sea. We booked our trip through Trip Central – St. Laurent Shopping Centre. When we booked our Cruise we also booked a drink package. We asked the Travel Agent if we needed to purchase a drink package for the both of us. The Travel Agent said no that 1 drink package was sufficient for the both of us and that we could both use it. So we purchased the most expensive drink package which was approx $600USD The Travel Agent said that if we encountered any troubles on our trip to give her / him a call and they would help us.

Our first day on the ship when we got to the bar, I went to get 2 drinks for myself and my wife, however the bartender told me that I needed to have 2 drink packages. When I brought my drink back to my wife I told her what the bartender told me. I called Trip Central unfortunately the Travel Agent we dealt with was not there. I explained what “our” Travel Agent originally had said when we had purchased the tickets about the drink package. The person said that we should purchase a second drink package and once we return to Canada submit a ticket to Trip Central and they would launch an investigation and issue us a refund. Therefore based on what the Travel Agent said, we purchased a second drink package, this one a cheaper one but still one which costs $400USD

When we returned to Canada, we submitted a ticket however they denied the refund because they said because we purchased the ticket in person and there was no voice transcript / record conversation of the Travel Agent saying that 1 drink package was sufficient for the both of us there was nothing they could do.

I called the Travel Agent who I dealt with and tried to get her to admit it over the phone but she refused to talk about it over the phone and simply said that she was advised by her supervisor not to speak to me any longer and that If I needed anymore information to call the head office.

So long story short Trip Central lied to us. From now on we will not be dealing with Trip Central in the future.

Have you been lied to by Trip Central? Let us know. Thumbs Down for Trip Central

However for the Trip to Europe & our Cruise on Vision of the Seas ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING was PERFECT. We loved it. Beautiful scenery, awesome drinks, If any of our viewers have a chance to take this trip you have got to do so.

Go to their Site Royal Caribbean

5 Stars Rating for the Cruise & Trip

Ryerson University Hotel – Toronto, Ontario

My Wife Mary were going to Toronto to see Family last weekend so we found this Hotel through called “Ryerson University-International Living Learning Centre” Our experience was strange. First off, our first night we returned back to the hotel after midnight and noticed that the front door was locked where we had to be buzzed in by the front desk.

Our second night our toilet got blocked so I went down to the lobby to advise the front desk and get assistance at which point they told me that I would have to wait until morning because no one was around to fix our toilet. I told them that if they simply gave me a plunger that I could resolve the situation myself. The front desk informed me that he did not have access to plunger, he said maybe once the Security Guard arrived at 2300hrs that he might have the key. I informed him that he was changing in the washroom.

2310hrs the guard still had not come out of the washroom so I asked the front desk clerk if he could go get the guard as I did not feel like standing here all night. When the guard came out, the guard told me he did not have access. So I was still no where. I asked the front desk what was the next step. The clerk said he wasn’t sure, he said that he could call a service desk but that the person in charge of doing repairs was not working that night. I told him to forget it. I informed him that the toilet was not completely blocked so I guess we would simply have to wait until morning for this situation to be rectified. I told him now I understood why this place was so cheap!

The room did not have a safe for our valuables, the “double” bed was not comfortable and the pillows were cheap. The only good thing we have to say about this Hotel was the Free breakfast.

2 Star Rating and that’s being Generous

Perfectly Natural

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I recently purchased some beard oil and got some scented soap and I have nothing but great things to say about them.
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