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Camp Awakening – 35th Anniversary Reunion

On June 1st, 2017 my wife Mary & I went to Toronto to celebrate Camp Awakening’s 35th Anniversary. It was an amazing event. Camp Awakening for those of you who do not know is a Camp which gives youth with physical disabilities a chance to increase independence and make lasting friendship.

They had their Anniversary where counsellors and alumni and supporters reunited to reminisce

Sebcamco – Championship Vinyl

Sebcamco – Championship Vinyl​ has great products. I’m not just saying this because I’ve known Chad for years and we’ve been friends for years but because its the truth.

He takes pride in the products he sells, and if he advertises a quality of a product, I guarantee you the product is that exact quality.

ChadVice & I have done PodCast as well as a few videos for my company ECV Photography​ as well as other things. He does regular Podcasts and videos which you can get find a link of on Our website under “Our Sponsors / Links” or by clicking here.

Thank you.

160 Chapel – Review

160 Chapel is owned by Morguard they are they are located at the corner of Rideau St. and Chapel St in the neighbourhood of Sandyhill.

My Wife Mary & I have been living here for the past few years and it by far the best place we have lived. 160 Chapel has lots to offer their tenants.

  • They have both Furnished & Unfurnished units
  • Bachelor all the way up to 2 bedrooms
  • 24/7 On Site Security
  • Above & Underground Parking
  • Fresh Coffee in the their Lobby 7 days a week
  • Indoor Salt Pool (Outdoor Patio w/ BBQ’s)
  • Laundry Room
  • Indoor Gym

160 Chapel offers the best for their Tenants, whenever you have a problem with your unit which from personal experience is seldom all you do is fill out a work order from the Security Desk and their maintenance crew comes to solve the problem in a quick and swiftly manner.

There is a Hair Salon “Stephan Hair” On location as well as a Pharmacy “Astley’s Pharmasave” which can be accessed by the building. For further information please visit 160 Chapel Website.

5 Star Rating.

TOH – Civic Campus (15-06-2017)

On June 14 2017, I had to come to TOH – Civic Campus Surgery. On the 9th of June Pre-Op to fill out all the necessary paperwork and give them a list of my medication etc…

Last night when the time came for the nurse to give me my medications there were types of pills that were missing. One which I did not remember the name (I just knew it was missing by the name of meds the nurse listed she was giving me) and the second which she said that the hospital pharmacy did not have therefore I would have to supply that drug myself.

What I find funny and at the same time frustrating is that at the Pre-Op I asked them if I needed to bring my medication with me and the nurse said no that it was not necessary. There were 5 days between my pre-op and surgery and no one let us know about the drug, that is pretty important for me to take every day, that would
not be supplied. My wife Mary was sitting at the hospital all day during my surgery and recovery and would have easily gone home to get it. Mary will have to bring it tonight after work but i still will have missed 2 doses thanks to the incompetence.

Not too impressed. But hopefully I won’t be here too long and I can go back home and recover there.

Besides the screw up, I would still recommend TOH to anyone seeking medical attention. TOH are one of the best Hospitals I’ve been to compared to the Monfort Hospital or the QCH (Queensway Carleton Hospital) but again this is my opinion.

If you have any comments please feel free to leave them below.


Eastview Animal Hospital – 5 Star Review

This is the best Animal Hospital in the Rideau / Vanier area or pretty much anywhere that we have found. We have brought our Cat Stitch there since he was 3 months old and the Staff there is nothing but friendly, our cat Stitch is not shy with the Dr. Mamdami, he just loves him (except when he gets his shots) but who likes needles. But our vet makes the procedure as painless as possible and then gives Stitchy treats afterwards which is funny because we go there once maybe twice tops but Stitchy always remembers before going back in his cage he looks at Dr. Mamdami & its like he’s saying “I’m not getting into my cage until you give me my treats” so he gives him some treats on the table, Stitch eats them then gets in his cage. The Front Desk clerk / secretary are so nice. There are always either 1 or 2 cats. So adorable. 5 Star Rating
They are located at
261 McArthur Ave
Vanier, ON K1L 6P3
Tel: 613-741-3874


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