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Nate’s Deli Review

My wife and I go there every year for our dating Anniversary because that’s where we originally met. Not the one on Sparks but the one on Merivale which is closed but Nate’s Deli which ever one you go to has always offered their customers awesome service and food at great prices.
I would recommend this restaurant to anyone.
5 Star Rating


On June 21st, 2017 CTV News announced a story about through their website that the Salvation Army Shelter on George St. in downtown Ottawa would be relocating to on Montreal Rd. Click here to read the Story.

If you ask me in my opinion this does not make any sense. There are to many homeless, drug addicts, alcoholics etc… in Ottawa. The city has outreach programs to help the less fortunate and the addicts get out of their rusty and back on their feet.

Again in my opinion, I don’t think there should be shelters or rehabilitation centers in the middle of Ottawa where addicts can so easily get access to drugs and/or alcohol. In my opinion the city of Ottawa should have Temp shelters where people seeking help can go to and reside temporarily and once a week or more to have a bus come and pick up the designated crowd and take them to an out of town shelter / rehab house so they can get proper treatment. This way with them being in the middle of nowhere it would be harder for them to get a “fix”.

This is my suggestion. But unless someone is serious about getting help and takes the appropriate action, they will always end back in the same spot.


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