Relationship Services

Relationship Services

                                            Find your Special Someone

through Open Topic

 Are you searching for that Special Person to have in your life?

  • Are you looking for the love of your life?
  • Are you looking to get married to the right person one day?


  • Are you just looking for something casual?

Whatever kind of relationship goals you have, Open Topic (the Podcast) wants to hear from YOU!

Join Eric on his Podcast and tell the world all about yourself and all about that special person you are looking for.

Your Dating Profile picture will be featured on that Podcast episode.

Here is a chance to tell the world about yourself, and who you are looking for and anything else you want to talk about and the best part of it is that its ALWAYS 100% FREE

Share your Dating Experiences

Good / Bad / Terrible

We all have had our Share of bad Dates!

Certain dates remain in our minds because they are either Good / Bad or … Terrible and you will remember them for the rest of your life.

Come and join me and share them with the world.

Share your experiences of Good Bad or Terrible dates with the world 100% free on my Podcast 100% Free.

NOTE:  Both Relationship Podcasts are conducted worldwide. They are conducted either in person or over Telephone or Skype phone.

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