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The CRTC – Who are they & What do they do?


The CRTC – What do they do

What is the CRTC?

According to the (CRTC website), The CRTC is an administrative tribunal that regulates and supervises broadcasting and telecommunications in the public interest. They are dedicated to ensuring that Canadians—as citizens, creators and consumers—have access to a world-class communication system that promotes innovation and enriches their lives.

What do they do?

They engage in a wide range of activities. They supervise and regulate over 2,000 broadcasters, including TV services, AM and FM radio stations, and the companies that bring these services to you. They also regulate telecommunications carriers, including major telephone companies.

Their activities include:

Licensing. They issue, renew and amend broadcasting licenses. They also issue licenses for international telecommunications services whose networks allow telephone users to make and receive calls outside of Canada.

Promoting compliance with regulations. They promote compliance with the Unsolicited Telecommunications Rules, including the National Do Not Call List, and Canada’s anti-spam legislation.

Making ownership decisions. We make decisions on mergers, acquisitions and changes of ownership in the broadcasting sector.

Approving tariffs. They approve tariffs and certain agreements for the telecommunications sector.

Encouraging competition. They encourage competition in telecommunications markets to ensure that Canadians have a choice of innovative and affordable services.

Providing information. We respond to requests for information and concerns about broadcasting and telecommunications issues.

Who owns them?

Their website says that their mandate is entrusted to us by the Parliament of Canada, and administered through the Minister of Canadian Heritage.

Now Why are we still paying so much good Cellular Plan?

One of “their activities” they list on their website is “Encourage Competition in Telecommunication markets”. The only problem with that there are only 3 Major Telecommunication Companies which are Bell, Rogers & Telus and they know they are the best out there and therefore charge their customers an arm & a leg for their Cellular & Data Plan. Then you have the second hand companies that have almost to no coverage and they are the ones that will charge you cheap rates for you to switch but as soon as you join them you immediately regret it because you see that you’re always roaming which ends up costing you more money in the long run.

My question is why isn’t the CRTC stepping in to force the Major Telecommunication Companies to lower their Plans? They already forced them to lower their contracts from 3 years down to 3 years so why can’t they do this?

If you have a question or complaint to send to the CRTC why not (Send them a message)

Canada’s National Anthem (17-12-2016)


Canada’s National Anthem

The First Canadian National Anthem which was written June 24, 1880, was created by Calida Lavallée, a “Canadian national musician” and was asked to compose the music
for a poem written by Adolphe-Basile Routhier.

The lyrics were later published and translated in English by Dr. Thomas Bedford Richardson.

Richardson’s version:

“O Canada! Our fathers’ land of old<br>
Thy brow is crown’d with leaves of red and gold.

Beneath the shade of the Holy Cross
Thy children own their birth

No stains thy glorious annals gloss
Since valour shield thy hearth.

Almighty God! On thee we call
Defend our rights, forfend this nation’s thrall,

Defend our rights, forfend this nation’s thrall.”

In 1908 there was a Competition in Collier’s Weekly magazine to write new lyrics for the National Anthem. E. Powell McCulloch won the competition and wrote these lyrics however her version never took.

McCulloch’s version:

“O Canada! in praise of thee we sing;

From echoing hills our anthems proudly ring.
With fertile plains and mountains grand
With lakes and rivers clear,

Eternal beauty, thos dost stand
Throughout the changing year.

Lord God of Hosts! We now implore
Bless our dear land this day and evermore,

Bless our dear land this day and evermore.”

Since then there have been many different versions of “O Canada”

Like the version written by Ewing Buchan which became the most patriotic song on the West Coast.

Buchan’s version:

“O Canada, our heritage, our love
Thy worth we praise all other lands above.

From sea to sea throughout their length
From Pole to borderland,

At Britain’s side, whate’er betide
Unflinchingly we’ll stand

With hearts we sing, “God save the King”,
Guide then one Empire wide, do we implore,

And prosper Canada from shore to shore.”

Anyhow I could go on and on.

Which eventually brings us to our current which was written in 1980 “O Canada” version

“O Canada! Our home and native land!
True patriot love in all thy sons command.

With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The True North, strong and free!

From far and wide, O Canada,
We stand on guard for thee.

God keep our land glorious and free!
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.”

Now our Prime Minister wants to go and change our National Anthem for something a “gender neutral” version. I think this is where we have to draw the line. I think
this is ridiculous.

Your Sexual Preference is your business. But for Canada to have to change our National Anthem that’s where you have to draw the line.

Next thing on the agenda will be to remove God from the lyrics because it “offends” people of other cultures.

Canada is the land of the Free. We invite people from all parts of the world to come to stay in our beautiful Country however when outsiders who come from another Country and tell us that our Christian beliefs “offend” them because it’s against
their “religion” and our Government bends over backwards to accommodate and kicks God outside of schools and where it’s not “Politically Correct” to say “Merry Christmas” on the chance that you might offend someone, I think that it’s stupid.

People should lighten up.

I’m pretty sure that if “The Founding Fathers” saw the way this Country was being run at this moment they would be rotting in their Graves.

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Para Transpo (not as an effective service as it should be) – 07-01-2017

Para Transpo is not a effective service according to one of one of my sources

Para Transpo operations were contracted to First Bus Canada, previously operated by Laidlaw. On January 1, 2008, the City of Ottawa assumed complete control
of this service.

In 2015 the Group of people below were in charge of Para Transpo. Diane Deans was the City Councillor that was placed in charge of transit at the time.

I contacted her office. Her assistant Rob Seibring put me in contact with Eric McLennan who I was told would be able to help me however after speaking with Mr. McLennan he quickly decided to pass me over to Ken Gordon ( Program Manager Bus and Para Transit Operations for Para Transpo)

I spoke with him and told him that the current services that Para Transpo was offering its customers was unacceptable and I explained how they should improve. He said it was impossible. He then told me that another of his colleagues would be dealing with me… someone by the name of AJ Ryland who is also another Manager for Para Transpo / Oc Transpo.

When I spoke to him I explained the problems with Para Transpo his solution was for me to come down to the call centre and see how busy the Para Transpo people are at answering the Telephones.

I told him that I did not doubt that they were busy. The problem is not just with the phone.

1. For people who need rides by Wheelchairs or Walker the call centre opens at 0700hrs

2. For everyone else who simply have difficulty walking but don’t have a wheelchair the call centre opens at 0900hrs.

Now the problem is when you call right away at 0700 or at 0900 to book your ride for the next day (because you cannot book a same day ride unless it’s an emergency) then 9/10 times you’ll get a busy signal. So you’ll have to hang up and call again over & over until the line answers & puts you in a queue for the Para Transpo clerk to book your ride.

Unlike Oc Transpo where you call and the line immediately picks up and puts you on hold with music until the next Representative comes on the line.

It’s like they assume that people that take Para Transpo have nothing better to do then to sit by the phone and wait.

I suggested that they get a better phone system or at least have a similar system like Wheel-Trans which is a Online booking system so that people can book their rides via the Internet.

Another problem with Para Transpo is with some of the drivers. Sometimes they are early or late. I understand that sometimes it can’t be helped due to traffic or weather.

What happens if they are early?

What happens if they are late?

On the Para Transpo website under “Pick-Up” it says;
“Please be ready on time at the designated entrance. The Para Transpo driver may have other pick-ups scheduled and, if you are not ready when the driver arrives, other customers will be inconvenienced. Drivers will spend a maximum of three minutes searching the immediate area for a customer and are not required to ring apartment doorbells.”

Last but not least this new Access Pass makes absolutely no sense whatsoever especially for Para Transpo users just like the Community Pass which are both $42.25 because you still need to give 2 bus tickets on top the Bus Pass. How does that make sense? I don’t think the City of Ottawa thought this through before coming with this plan but them again you never know.

Anyhow so now if you ask me what Para Transpo should do besides the A/M suggestions that I proposed is that they should add more vehicles on the roads to assist.

Now that Uber has become Legal, the City of Ottawa should get more Taxi drivers contracted for Para Transpo this way it would get more vehicles on the road which would solve lots of problems and also I’m sure Pierre Nakhle or Amrik Singh or whoever is in charge of the Taxi Union will be glad to accommodate the City’s request.

Currently it’s not an effective service in my opinion. Some of the drivers are nice according so some people that I have spoken to as well as some of the customer service representatives but there are some that are flat out rude.

One last thing that some people have suggested to me that Para Transpo could and should improve on is do routine spot checks to make sure that their users still need Para Transpo.

For example I used to personally know someone who was on Para Transpo she was perfectly ok, she only used it when the weather was bad to go play bingo. I asked her one time how she managed to get on Para Transpo. She told me a few years back how she had broken her foot so that’s why but even though her foot was clearly not broken anymore she had not bothered to cancel with Para Transpo because she could use them whenever she needed them.

I think Para Transpo should demand that their customers recertify every couple of years or so to make sure that they still need the service, that way it will help weed out the people that are abusing the service.

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Downtown Ottawa – Homeless Problem – Part 1 (06-04-2017)

There was a News Story last week posted by the Ottawa Citizen about a Teen getting stabbed on downtown on Rideau St.

What’s our City come to when crap like this happens? I was reading the comments that people were posting. Comments of how people are afraid of waiting for the buses because of the crack heads / bums / junkies / thugs / etc… Tax payers don’t feel safe in their own town because of people that don’t belong. Why? I don’t know. I would think it should be one of the Cities Top Priority to make its citizens feel safe from low life’s. Especially since Ottawa is National Capital of Canada where we get tourists from all over the world and to be honest when I see Rideau Street and this kind of crap it makes me think of a Welfare neighborhood. I’m not proud of calling this my home.

We need more Police Presence to clean the Trash permanently.

Same goes w/ MacKenzie King bridge w/ the smokers not respecting the policy.

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GO Transit – Unin Station (Toronto) – (03-06-2017)

There is so much Construction going on at Union Station in Toronto which makes it difficult in certain areas for people with wheelchairs or crutches (people who need to use an elevator) because there are none around or none near-by.

In Union Station there is a sign that says if you need access to Elevators due to the construction please call (1-416-869-3600) however when you call that number which connects you with Presto the Customer Service agent are useless. I was there last week with my wife and the agent was not helpful whatsoever. I ended up taking matters into my own hands and went to find a Security officer who had to bring us to the other end of Union Station to use the elevator.

Long story short because of the there were no elevators anywhere near the Tracks where we were suppose to take our Go Train even though we were there far in advance we missed our Train. Luckily the Security Officer arranged for us to take the next Train at no extra charge. However if you ask me Union Station needs to be better accessible then it currently is despite the construction.


Downtown Ottawa – Homeless Problem – Part 2 (13-06-2017)

On June 8 someone on Facebook addressed Councillor Mathieu Fleury who is the councillor of Ward 12 (Rideau / Vanier) regarding the continuing problem on in Downtown Ottawa. She said ” I walked with a friend from Nelson & Rideau St to Sussex St this evening. We were accosted 5 times by people asking for money. One followed us yelling obscene names because we gave him nothing. Tourists are appalled

I walked many kilometres touring Toronto recently. Not ONCE was I accosted.”

Its true, if you look Downtown Ottawa – Homeless Problem (Part 1) as well as this story, you will see the pictures and how they are all over the place. Not just around Rideau Centre. We were in downtown Toronto a few weeks ago and its true saw maybe 1 homeless person, but NOTHING compared to Ottawa.

This makes Ottawa like a City of Garbage and that should make Mayor Watson ashamed of the way he is running this City. On Facebook Mathieu Fleury commented & asked if people had any suggestions to better the situation. I suggested that whenever the Police spot a homeless or anyone loitering to give them a warning to leave and if they are there when they return then that they are to arrest them.

Lets see if Mathieu Fleury will listen to my comments. He said that they have suggested to have to have proactive policing to prevent safety issues for our community and and tourist, however Mathieu Fleury said that OPS have not demonstrated an interest in doing that which he thought was sad.

Hopefully something will be done to improve this City. After all, this is the Nation’s Capital



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